Not all Buyers Need Conventional Lending


We are positioned to finance often-complex real estate investment deals and diversify our portfolio of services.

Investment capital when you need it.

VOROCapital makes the lending process for investors seamless and fast. Investors can access capital — often up to 100% of costs — for fix and flip, rental, rehab and new construction properties, with funds available quickly.

With options like these, you will be able to service the needs of a wider variety of clients, have greater flexibility doing so and close more deals which means more commissions. Now that’s success!


Fix & Flip

Fix & Flip



Bridge Loan




To stay competitive in the rapidly growing real estate investment industry, investors need easy and efficient access to capital. When you apply for a loan with VOROCapital, you’ll skip the hoop-jumping and long waiting periods and gain access to investment capitol quickly. The VOROCapital lending team has the expertise to make loan decisions quickly and close in days. This makes VOROCapital a gamechanger in the competitive real estate market — and in your success as an investor.

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