We were recently advised by StreetEasy of repeated violations of their Listing Quality Policy by a number of VORO agents. Specifically, their team found agents have been listing properties under altered unit numbers posting them in buildings they don’t exist and listing properties with incorrect addresses presumably to conceal their addresses.

As a reminder, StreetEasy only allows posting of listings that are exclusive. In addition, they prohibit listings that are bait and switch (i.e.,expired/non-existent listing to generate leads),open listings, expired, fake listings and those with inaccurate unit or building numbers or other incorrect and misleading information.

You can review StreetEasy’s listing policy athttps://streeteasy.com/nyc/posting_listingstoensure your listings are compliant with their policies.

While we are not directing this message to any specific individuals or listings, if you currently have a StreetEasy account or plan on obtaining one,it is expected that you comply with their policies and sound business practices. This also includes fair and anti-discriminatory housing practices.

Please be sure you are compliant at all times to avoid suspension of your account as well as the company’s!

Thanks for your cooperation.

VORO Agent Support Team

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