We recently learned TD Bank does not operate any retail branches in the Georgia market causing issues with check deposits.

In order to address the issue, we have put in place several contingency plans while we work to remedy the issue. Specifically, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Scan the front and back of the commission check (payable to VORO);
  2. Email it to billing@vorousa.com ensuring the image is clear
    – Retain a copy of the original check
    – Do not make any markings on the front or back
    – Do not attempt to deposit the check after sending a scanned copy
  3. Submit your invoice in the VOROPro portal as is the procedure

Another option is to have the funds wired to our TD Bank account. Please be aware there is a $25 service fee. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the processing time for the wire to post to our account and in turn be paid out to you.

A long-term solution that we are exploring is the use of an app that would allow for you to do a mobile deposit directly into our account. This is provided by a third-party app developer. We are also exploring a banking relationship exclusively for the Georgia market. Soon we will provide an update on which solution we choose. In the meantime, we do apologize for any inconvenience this will cause and delays in paying out commissions. Be assured we are committed to a fast resolution!

– Agent Support Team

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