Recently, the Housing Rights Initiative (HRI) filed a complaint against numerous brokers and landlords in the U.S. District Court following an investigation of housing discrimination in New York City specifically as it relates to the use of housing vouchers.

At VORO, we take housing access – fair housing and anti-discrimination in housing seriously. As such, we maintain a strict policy that seeks to educate and empower agents to comply with federal, state and local laws related to fair housing. We remind all agents regardless of the state in which they are licensed, that equal access to housing in both rental and sales must be granted at all times.

Under no circumstances can an agent refuse to show, submit an application, fairly represent or in any other manner engage in discriminatory practices, this includes on behalf of a landlord or seller. Any agent who is found to have engaged in, or allowed for the engagement of any discriminatory housing practices may be disassociated from VORO. Furthermore, they may be reported to the proper regulatory agency(s). In most jurisdictions and under federal law, liability is made “based on a practice’s discriminatory effect . . . even if the practice was not motivated by a discriminatory intent.”

Attached is copy of VORO’s Anti-Discrimination in Housing Policy. All agents are required to be familiar and compliant with the policy – again, without regard to the state in which you are licensed in. Moreover, agents should work in a matter of strong ethical practices to ensure all customers have equal and fair access to housing at all times.

If you have any questions regarding the policy or need additional guidance please reach out to me or Christopher Wilson.

We appreciate your cooperation in this manner.

Click here to download and view the PDF.

Danny Shamooil
CEO & Principal Broker

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