Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, VORO®, which stands for Virtual Online Realty Office, is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage built for real estate professionals to work within a marketplace to service any type of real estate transaction.

Absolutely! All VORO agents earn 100% of the commission regardless of the size of the deal or type of transaction.

There is a one-time registration fee of $200. In addition you will have to pay the first month’s subscription. The monthly subscription cost is then only $99 per month.

Yes, you can pre-pay your subscription for the year. You will get two free months if you pre-pay your subscription for the year. Please be advised the pre-payment is non-refundable.

Unfortunately you cannot change the date your subscription renews. All subscriptions renew on a recurring basis on the same day as when you first enrolled.

Yes, each State has their own transfer fees. For example, the NYS Department of State fee is $20 to transfer a real estate license.

If you already have a license, the total cost to join VORO is $319. The breakdown is as follows: $200 one-time registration fee; $99 first month’s subscription; and $20 to transfer your license.

At VORO you decide what type of real estate you want to do. That includes residential or commercial, sales or leasing. The choice is up to you.

At VORO we do not require agents to participate in any MLS board giving agents greater flexibility.

If you wish to participate in one or more of the MLS realty boards, you must advise VORO of this to ensure your license is correctly placed. In addition, you will register directly with the realty board and pay the enrollment fee the realty board has in effect at the time.

You do not need a license initially to become a VORO member. However, in order to facilitate real estate transactions, you must be a licensed real estate salesperson or licensed real estate associate broker. You can enroll in the pre-licensing course with us.

You can click here to get started with VORO or learn more to get your license.

The cost is determined by our partner and subject to change.

A dual license means your real estate license is simultaneously held by two different Brokers.

Each state differs, so you are advised to check your state’s requirements.

Generally, if your application is complete and your W-9 and Independent Contractor agreements are submitted, the process can take about 24 hours to complete.

Unfortunately pre-payments are not eligible for refund.

Monthly subscription fees are never refundable nor are they pro-rated for any period of time an agent is not associated with the firm.

No, you are not required to pay multiple registration fees to hold your license in multiple states with VORO.

Depending when you enroll in the MLS realty board, you will either be required to pay the full year or a pro-rated amount. The amount payable is determined solely by the MLS realty board and not VORO.

The state prohibits anyone from engaging in real estate transaction without a license. You can, however, be connected with an experienced agent in your area of interest with whom you can work with and/or shadow. The purpose of doing so is to help you gain important skills and experience. If you interested in doing so, I can share your contact details with Agent Operations. Someone will contact you to further discuss how this can be done.

Yes, agents can disassociate at any time – without prior notice.

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