100% Commission Real Estate at VORO

Join the nation’s fastest growing, subscription-based, 100% commission
real estate brokerage. VORO’s goal is to streamline real estate
transactions through out cloud-based platform, and help our agents
earn 100% commission.

Traditional real estate brokerages pay their agents a percentage of the commission earned from their sale, and in many cases most of the commission goes to the real estate office. In the US, the national average commission percentage “splits” are evenly divided (50/50) between the real estate broker (office) and the agent.

The difference between VORO’s 100% commission brokerage and the traditional model is that extra 50%. A $10,000 commission paid under the traditional model becomes a $20,000 commission at VORO.

Agents work hard for their commission, and they should keep it.

With our 100% commission plan, agents never pay a commission split or hidden fees again.

When we say we are a 100% commission brokerage, we mean it. VORO agents earn more money, and with no hidden fees!

While many offices are starting to promise 100% commission, it comes with fees that can add up to thousands of dollars. At VORO, we guarantee full commission, with zero added fees.

NO  Transaction Fee
NO  Listing Fees
NO  Broker Fees
NO  Hidden Costs

VORO stands out as a 100% commission brokerage.

We extend far beyond what a traditional brokerage offers. VORO real estate agents have the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, while earning 100% commission on their real estate deals.

We aim to provide our agents with the best training, support, and service imaginable, so that they can receive all the benefits of their work and can enjoy more freedom to grow their business on their terms.

Access Affiliate
Reward Program

Get Licensed
with VORO

Receive Unparalleled
Coaching & Support


The VORO difference is clear.

Affiliated Mortgage Bank/Direct Lender
Affiliated Insurance Brokerage
Multi-state Brokerage
Training & Development
Dedicated Agent Support Team
Member of Multiple MLS Boards
MLS Participation Not Required
Agent Referral Program
Affiliate Program
No Long-Term Contracts
Virtual Office
100% Commission Payout On ALL Deals
E and O Insurance (Included)
Same-Day Commission Payout
Low Monthly Cost for 100% Commission
Zero Desk Fees
Zero Transaction Fees
Zero Hidden Fees
Required To Go To The Office
Commission Split

So the question is, what are you waiting for?

Start earning what you deserve.

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